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Award Winning Coach LP Hosts 14 Classes Each Week!

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Coach LP aka Lawrence Phillips

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Ready To Experience What Becoming A Member Of The Team LP Fitness Playground Is Like?

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We are an **ADVANCED class-based and private personal training fitness studio ONLY. Basic individual use memberships are not available.

We pride ourselves on catering to a smaller number of exclusive, committed, and hard-working members in a super clean environment filled with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, legendary member service, and our award-winning **ADVANCED Team Training classes, as well as private personal training.

**Because of the ADVANCED nature of our Team Training classes, we are NOT suited for all fitness levels. You must have experience in HIIT/Bootcamp style training to train in our fitness facility!

You've Seen What Becoming A Member Of Team LP Fitness Playground Looks Like, But What About The Results? ​

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Julia Castro
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I’ve lost 50 lbs and I haven’t felt this good in a long time!

During a family vacation, I realized I was missing out on time with my kids because I couldn’t keep up. I had zero energy and was very unhappy in my own skin. With some encouragement from my husband, I tried out the two-week trial membership. With each class, my confidence increased and the sense of community kept me coming back.

The coaching staff is incredible and took the time to help me whenever I needed it. The classes are constantly changing, no two workouts are the same, the training is top-notch, and one of my personal favorites, the gym is crazy clean!

I’ve now been a proud member for the last year and a half, I train four days a week on average, I just hit my 215th team training class,

I’ve lost 50 lbs and I haven’t felt this good in a long time! Now instead of dreading exercising, I absolutely look forward to it because there is nothing else like the feeling of killing a hard workout and doing it with an awesome community of people. Even if you think you can’t do it, give Team LP Fitness a chance to change your mind, you won’t regret it!

Jacqueline De Luca: Feeling 50 Years Young - Feels So Good!

Feeling 50 Years Young – Feels So Good!

I was voted by the members of Team LP Fitness as the winner of the ‘GET FIT’ Makeover Challenge. I learned through this journey that becoming healthy and fit was not something that would happen overnight and that with hard work, good eating habits, a positive support community and a personal positive attitude to never give up and continue to move forward no matter the road block that might come before me, would pay off. And it has paid off big time in so many ways!

Jacqueline DeLuca

Vertis Patton

Vertis Patton: EXCUSES Are Not An Option!

EXCUSES Are Not An Option!

Working out with Coach LP and being surrounded with the positive upbeat staff and members at Team LP Fitness Playground has helped in encouraging and motivating me to stick with the process of staying healthy and fit. When I am feeling like I need some motivation, they always come through for me – even if it is just a “You can do it, Vertis” on a Facebook post! I am now ENERGIZED – for LIFE!! THANK YOU To the AWESOME and SUPPORTIVE community of Team LP Fitness Playground and Coach LP.

Anthony Becker - In the 9th grade I was very heavy and out of shape at 200 pounds.

In the 9th grade I was very heavy and out of shape at 200 pounds.

Heading into the 9th grade, I was heavy at 200 lbs and not feeling good or believing in myself. Making the high school basketball team after already being cut from the middle school basketball team a year earlier, was not looking good.

I met LP and he changed my life. His positive and encouraging attitude towards health and fitness made me love exercising and motivated me to WANT to get fit. His style of coaching is unique and you never know what your going to get at the next workout.

Thanks LP you’re the man!

Anthony Becker

Dana and Ali Di Luvio

Dana and Ali Di Luvio: Father/Daughter team in training. How AWESOME is this!

Father/Daughter team in training. How AWESOME is this!

I was introduced to LP by my daughter Ali and I started taking a few personal training sessions with LP and found how motivating he could be. I moved to small group sessions a few times a week and started to see results.

I had never done any kind of class like this before. I had a fear of looking dumb in some kind of choreographed “jazzercise” class. Ali insisted it was nothing like that, so I gave it a shot. Needless to say, my fears were groundless, the classes are awesome!

Teresa working out

It’s motivating, it’s contagious and it is THE place to be!!!

In the past I had experimented with the success and failure of several fad diets, all claiming to be of the ‘latest and greatest’. I learned those don’t work. What did work for me was good healthy clean eating and committed to a regular routine of hard working exercise. I am a member at Team LP Fitness with regular weekly intense workouts as part of my routine. It feels great being at the ‘Fitness Playground’ with LP and all the supportive members! It’s motivating, it’s contagious and it is THE place to be!!! Love it!

Teresa Doud

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  • New Home  Somehow 8 months have gone by and I can say without any doubt that Team LP is AMAZING! I can't imagine going back to whatever I was calling “working out”. Sure, I had a gym membership, actually many memberships and personal trainers but the inevitable would happen and I would make excuses for not going. No more!!! I've been going 5-6 days a week for eight months and have NEVER had the same workout twice! No joke. Everyone is welcoming, supportive and all around nice. I look forward to going everyday. It's not a regular gym where you show up whenever you want. You sign up online and show up ready for a great workout. It's challenging but 100% doable if your committed. After a few months I convinced my wife to try it out. She didn't think she would be up to it. Now, she too goes almost everyday. The only thing we wish to be different is that we would have stopped in years ago! I'm not in my 20's anymore but physically feel that great everyday!
    LP- you are truly the best, thank you!!

    thumb Korva G.

    New Home  Words can not express how much appreciation I have for Team LP. I joined 1 year ago. I made the decision to get off the couch and make a change in my life. With the positive reinforcement and genuine encouragement from LP and Jenna, I have lost over 30 pounds since joining and I have never felt better in my entire life. There is no other staff at any gym that can stack up against Team LP. The community who attends is unlike any other group of people I have ever met and I am lucky to be apart of it. The workouts that Coach LP and Coach Jenna put together are not only challenging and dynamic, but incredibly fun. Team LP is deserving of a lot more than 5 stars.

    thumb Jeffery F.
    Let's cut to the chase, I have worked out with multiple trainers and in multiple gyms across Sonoma County over the last 2 decades, never have I encountered a community of athletes with such dedication, support, smiles, laughing and positive vibes. Coach LP came HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend by my next door neighbor Caroline. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here today working out with such a killer group of individuals. When I first met Coach LP on day one, I Literally told him, “What took me so long to find you?”. With 41 years experience I knew immediately, in that present moment, I was in the best hands I could be in and trusted him right away that I was in great care.

    That day, Coach LP introduced me to his playground of CANI. As I walked through the doors, I with beating myself up mentally with a 20lb weight gain, my taco truck addictions and micro brew fetish. He quickly got me to toss that negatively out the window. I mean real quick because negativity is not allowed. It's left at the door and not welcomed inside.

    I got this feeling of invitation, this feeling of comfort, this feeling of acceptance. I knew at that moment on day one, I was more than ready to sign a 1 year contract with zero hesitations and that's EXACTLY what I did.
    This has been a very positive experience and test of strength and determination along with a personal mental battle. Both Coach LP and Coach Miss Jenna work well together as a great team and very much enjoy both of them instructing. Miss Jenna's energy keeps me going and she pushes me into my max red zone. Jenna is a bright shining star that has so much to give.l and give me that little dopamine kick in her class.She puts a smile on my face and has a beautiful future ahead of herself.

    There is a huge sense of unity here. An incredible group of individuals that make sure they all pat one another on the back and say “Good Job” every single workout, every single time. LP is very good about encouraging and pushing to make sure everyone is successful, safety. When he gives me a pat on the back, he gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
    Coach LP is also on top of your form.
    The guy sees everything, OKAY!
    I mean, he sees, EVERYTHING !!!
    Dude's like a spider with eyes on his body at every angle. You can't hide anything or half it, he'll see it. He will encourage you to keep putting out your best effort.
    He will be on top of your form and help you along the way because safety is his number one priority. Let me tell you, I feel 110% safe here.

    If you are looking for a meat market or workout without interaction, this is not your place. If you are looking for support, encouragement, positivity, laughter, connection, warm fuzzy vibes with a strong group of athletes, then I encourage you to explore his playground. There is a lot of love, heart and soul within his building and it shows in a reflection within his LP community.

    Walking into a gym/group setting post pandemic, I wasn't sure what to expect or how much things have changed. I've never felt as safe as I do now. The cleaning and sanitation procedure here are very strict and on point. It smells like lemons. I ultimately feel safe knowing everyone as a team goes above and beyond protocol. Not once have I ever felt uncomfortable.

    It's been 5 months since I started training at the playground and am happy with the progress. He has taken me, shaped me, molded me, dialed in my form, pushed me, encouraged me, helped me, listened to me and stood by my side during this transformation while sprinkling his CANI upon me.
    From the bottom of my heart –

    thumb Stephanie A.

    New Home  This is by far the best environment I have ever worked out in. The instructors are all so motivating and nice. Their positive attitudes and the way they push you makes you want to work harder. The people that workout there really make you feel like part of a team. Always cheering for each other and after every class as we are putting equipment away everyone is telling each other “nice job you killed it!”.

    The workouts are the hardest workouts I have ever done in my life. A month and a half in and I see results faster than I ever thought I would. While it's super hard, I never feel judged or self conscious to modify things when needed. Ego's are left at the door and I think for my mental health it's so nice to walk into a workout and instead of feeling anxious/ nervous about being judged for my performance level and where I am at physically, I walk in genuinely excited to see everyone and get my butt kicked at the same time.

    LP Fitness made my passion for working out come back!

    thumb Katalina C.
  • New Home  I am so glad to be apart of the LP studio fitness fam I have nothing but great things to say about these workouts. If you're looking to lose weight, tone up, or even just looking to get back to loving working out again, THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT!!!! I joined with my sister who wants to get into shape for her wedding, and a month and a half later, she is starting to see results and feeling much more confident about herself. I decided to join after hearing nothing but good things from her about the workouts, and I couldn't have made a better decision. Even just after 3 weeks, I am starting to see parts of my body that needed improvement-IMPROVING!!! So satisfying to see hard work pay off, and If you join this program, you are guaranteed to see results, just stick with it. Not only are the coaches super friendly, but the people in there working out are so nice and everyone cheers each other on; I love that!!! The workouts are challenging, but the coaches are motivating and make the workout super fun. My workout routine now is something I look forward to every week. Shout out to LP and Jenna for making working out fun again and helping me gain my confidence again! Absolutely LOVE this place!!!

    thumb Justice C.

    New Home  I was looking for a good workout location for my daughter. LP called me and was friendly and helpful from the start and I felt comfortable this was the place for my daughter. Wow have they exceeded my expectations. Friendly staff, friendly clients, clean environment. My daughter now goes 4 times a week and her twin sister has started going as well! I even went twice while visiting and got my butt kicked. I recommend LP Fitness to anyone looking for a great workout with even better people.

    thumb Emily C.
  • New Home  I moved to Santa Rosa 5 years ago and searched for the right gym for me. I don't like the big box gyms that pretend to know your name, offer classes that never have any space, have machines that are always taken by beefy dudes and the space is never clean. After a year of searching, I found Team LP Fitness. It's pretty much the opposite of everything I experienced at the larger gyms. Everyone knows your name (think Cheers but in a gym!), the trainers are top notch, the classes are fun and challenging and it's always clean! I look forward to coming to class to see what new workouts they have for us. So, if you want a place that genuinely cares about helping you achieve your fitness goals then come check out Team LP Fitness Playground! I'll see you there!

    thumb Lindsay S.

    New Home  I can't say enough about LP and his coaching staff. I love this place, I love LP and all his coaches. LP, Tyler, Jackie, and Waheed are truly amazing and I feel blessed to have found them all. I was very fit for years and I just fell in this circle of life many of us get into and lost my love for fitness. I had heard amazing things for years about LP and I was actually intimidated joining thinking everyone is super fit. Instead, I found everyone is at different levels and LP and his staff adjust all the circuit trainings to your needs. Everyone is welcome at this studio no matter what your fitness level is.

    I have to talk briefly on the gyms that are offering the 6 week fitness challenges, run… don't do it. I left one of those gyms very disappointed and they did not do what was promisedl Your fitness choices and food should not be focused on a 6 week challenge. It's a life choice and will take longer than six weeks, its like an ultra marathon.

    I gained 40lbs in 4 years and I felt devistated and alone. I started going to LP fitness and every day I just feel better. I love the workouts, they are 45 minutes but they go by fast because they are fun too.

    My favorite is LP, Lawrence Phillips, he is a true coach and cares. He will challenge you not only in the gym, but also in your thought process. I didn't realize how negative my thought process was at times and he pointed it out. He is not a rear view mirror kind of coach, he will also help in positive thinking going forward. I am living what he is teaching me.

    I will never forget when I missed almost a whole week…I got a call that Sunday from LP asking where I was. He checked on me, what gym does that? They do, they care and I feel it. It's changing my whole life. I feel blessed to have found LP and all the coaches at LP Fitness Playground. If you are looking for a place you will get trained hard and also feel a positive presence. This is the place.

    The workouts are always different, hard, and a lot of fun. You will not be disappointed checking this place out. I love it there.

    thumb Tami P.
  • New Home  Best place to workout overall, period! Great staff, great equipment, super clean, and more importantly a great community. LP has created an atmosphere where you know you can get what you need to improve yourself physically and be a part of people who support you on that journey. Go in not sure you are up to it, would rather go home and hit the couch, but leave feeling energized knowing it was the right choice.

    thumb Jason L.

    New Home  the team at the fitness playground bring to me inspiration and drive they push me each and every day to be a best and better me all while approaching it w a “were all in this together”, mentality! Lp has been the greatest mentor my teen daughter could
    ask for and the “type of coach i need” trainer for myself! i love the atmosphere and vibe they have w/in the staff and community they have w the members! the workouts are kickass and always different they really push me and i mean
    push! i truly
    love Team Lp Fitness Playground and i will always thank them from my heart for bettering my family

    thumb Shinah C.
  • New Home  I have spent my life in gyms and I must say that this one is tops! The trainers are the best and the equipment is fun ( playground 😉 and varied! I never stopped working out over the years, but when I joined this gym a few years ago, I began to feel stronger in every area — arms, shoulders, back, legs, abs 🙂 The group fitness classes offer a great variety and by the end of every week, I have been pleasantly “worked over”!!! It is such a positive and encouraging environment and great way to either start your day or end it! 5 stars without any hesitation

    thumb Kelli V.

    New Home  From the very first group class I took, over 5 years ago, I was hooked! It had everything I was looking for…cardio, strength and a challenge! What I would find out as I continued was that our coach, LP (only him at the time) was the real deal! Motivating us every day. Now, we have more amazing, hard working, loyal trainers teaching multiple classes every day of the week! No excuses not to work out!! What makes this place extra special is the people you are surrounded by…staff and clients. You really become part of this crazy gym family!

    thumb Angela J.
  • New Home  You know those gym memberships you buy, then you get bored and you stop going? You will never get bored here. No two workouts are the same. I have followed LP since the early 90's and there is NO BETTER Fitness coach in town. You walk in feeling like $100, and leave feeling like a million bucks! (That's his famous line) but it's true! It is a judgement free zone, and it's safe. If you are worried, and you are a woman, there are classes for women only!
    It's motivating working out with others who help inspire one another.

    thumb Jill P.

    New Home  I have been a member of Team LP Fitness Playground for 12 years. So.etimes I can't even believe it's been that long. I'm older, but feel the best I ever have in my life. I love the Playground…..the friendship, acceptance, the energy, the coaches, the challenges of the workouts make me want to get up each morning & get in there. I would highly, highly recommend this place. It's definitely my happy place. I always feel better both emotionally & physically after each visit. Get on in there!

    thumb Pamela B.
  • New Home  BEST FITNESS CENTER AROUND! Coach LP and his amazing group of trainers are seriously the best of the best. I became a member over a year ago and work out at the playground 2-3 times a week. In addition, I take at least 1 class per week with either Coach LP or Coach Jackie in the mornings at 6 am. I just tried the 8:15 am Saturday Class and was able to be coached by Tyler and Waheed– loved the circuit training! LP and his team have created a friendly, energetic, inspirational, encouraging, non-pretentious fitness center that is approachable for all. Thank you, LP, for sharing your passion of health and fitness with us!

    thumb Megan S.

    New Home  Five Stars all the way around when it comes to Team LP Fitness! My husband and I have been members for the past 6 years along with our 2 teenage daughters. We will not go anywhere else as Team LP
    Fitness has everything and more you want in a fitness facility!
    Top notch and well educated fitness trainers
    State of the art equipment for all fitness levels
    Equipment is always clean and functioning to its full capacity
    Personable and caring staff
    Challenging classes for all fitness levels
    Sport specific training equipment
    MyZone heart rate belt training
    Super motivating and energetic trainers
    Friendly members
    Great for injury rehabilitation
    Variety of equipment and classes for ages 14-100!
    Nutrition and positive life coaching
    And the list goes on and on….!!!!!!

    thumb Renee Z.
  • New Home  By Far the best gym I have ever been to. Coach LP and the coaching staff are the best. The way I feel when I am there and the way I feel when I leave are beyond anything I can fully explain. A truly caring staff. Always get a great workout. The community of people are amazing! You can count on getting exactly what you want at the playground. I recommend checking out this place if you haven't. The energy and the vibe are something else. No judgements just love and passion for fitness and health. I have been going to the playground for over 2 years now and there is no looking back. If I'm feeling down I go to the playground and it all washes away. Melt the Fat and wash away the negative emotions. It is my fitness family. So much encouragement. The workouts always change and it's always a challenge. They will motivate you and change a workout based on your needs. You get what you put in. So come check it out. You will not be sorry.

    thumb Kiley B.

    New Home  Update to my review posted in Feb:
    10 months in and still standing
    I go to the “playground” 4 to 5 times a week. Usually the 6am weekday class and Sat or Sun.
    Weekday classes taught by Coach LP or Coach Jacquie. No two classes are the same, which helps to ensure you don't get bored. You get out of the classes what you put into them It's a very supportive environment, coaches and participants always give encouragement to each other. I consider the 6am crew my workout “family” and that's the extra “push” I need to get my body out of bed at 5am
    My only regret is not starting earlier in life
    Give the Playground a shot!
    Ps: shout out to Coach Waheed, Coach Tyler and the “flying squirrel” — the Young Bulls —

    thumb Kyle B.
  • New Home  I don't even know where to start. This place is hands down my refuge to escape the craziness from my outside life. LP and his team are some of the most dedicated trainers I have ever encountered from start to finish. It is an environment full of positive encouragement and support to achieve all of your personal goals. Since starting at LP Fitness waking up at 5:30AM has become the best part of my day and I can finally do a push up!

    I am beyond thankful to Coach LP and Team!

    thumb Jenn M.

    New Home  LOVE LP Fitness! If your looking for an amazingly positive and kick butt place to get in shape, LP's is the place to go. Ive been training with LP for almost 2 years now and not only am I in the best shape of my life but I'm also the happiest and the most motivated I've ever been as well! The hardworking people here are like my second family, including LP the owner who has inspired me and opened my mind to the world of fitness and nutrition. Always a happy and encouraging environment! Each time I walk in, I am greeted and shown new exercises by not only the staff but by LP as well, never felt more welcome at any other gym before! Awesome 🙂

    thumb Jocee W.

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