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Jacqueline De Luca: Feeling 50 Years Young – Feels So Good!

Jacqueline De Luca: Feeling 50 Years Young - Feels So Good!

I was voted by the members of Team LP Fitness as the winner of the ‘GET FIT’ Makeover Challenge. I learned through this journey that becoming healthy and fit was not something that would happen overnight and that with hard work, good eating habits, a positive support community and a personal positive attitude to never give up and continue to move forward no matter the road block that might come before me, would pay off. And it has paid off big time in so many ways!

Jacqueline De Luca

Vertis Patton: EXCUSES Are Not An Option!

Vertis Patton: EXCUSES Are Not An Option!

Working out with Coach LP and being surrounded with the positive upbeat staff and members at Team LP Fitness Playground has helped in encouraging and motivating me to stick with the process of staying healthy and fit. When I am feeling like I need some motivation, they always come through for me – even if it is just a “You can do it, Vertis” on a Facebook post! I am now ENERGIZED – for LIFE!! THANK YOU To the AWESOME and SUPPORTIVE community of Team LP Fitness Playground and Coach LP.

Vertis Patton

Anthony Becker: In the 9th grade I was very heavy and out of shape at 200 pounds.

Anthony Becker - In the 9th grade I was very heavy and out of shape at 200 pounds.

Heading into the 9th grade, I was heavy at 200 lbs and not feeling good or believing in myself. Making the high school basketball team after already being cut from the middle school basketball team a year earlier, was not looking good.

I met LP and he changed my life. His positive and encouraging attitude towards health and fitness made me love exercising and motivated me to WANT to get fit.  His style of coaching is unique and you never know what your going to get at the next workout.

Thanks LP you’re the man!

Anthony Becker

Dana and Ali Di Luvio: Father/Daughter team in training. How AWESOME is this!

Dana and Ali Di Luvio: Father/Daughter team in training. How AWESOME is this!

I was introduced to LP by my daughter Ali and I started taking a few personal training sessions with LP and found how motivating he could be. I moved to small group sessions a few times a week and started to see results.

I had never done any kind of class like this before. I had a fear of looking dumb in some kind of choreographed “jazzercise” class. Ali insisted it was nothing like that, so I gave it a shot. Needless to say, my fears were groundless, the classes are awesome!

Thanks, LP!

Dana and Ali Di Luvio

Teresa Doud: “It’s motivating, it’s contagious and it is THE place to be!!!”

Teresa working out

In the past I had experimented with the success and failure of several fad diets, all claiming to be of the ‘latest and greatest’. I learned those don’t work. What did work for me was good healthy clean eating and committed to a regular routine of hard working exercise. I am a member at Team LP Fitness with regular weekly intense workouts as part of my routine. It feels great being at the ‘Fitness Playground’ with LP and all the supportive members! It’s motivating, it’s contagious and it is THE place to be!!! Love it!

Teresa Doud

Britt Scott: “I have lost over 68 lbs and gained the best feeling in the world – CONFIDENCE!”

Britt Scott: "I have lost over 68 lbs and gained the best feeling in the world - CONFIDENCE!"

I walked into Team LP Fitness Playground for the first time in February 2011 and after 1 year of committed exercise and making healthy nutrition a ‘lifestyle’, I feel amazing and look like a totally different person! I have lost over 68 lbs and gained the best feeling in the world – CONFIDENCE!

I could not have done this with out LP’s exciting enthusiasm and positive inspiration towards fitness. For the 1st time in my life I have the physical strength to uphold my career as an electrical contractor.

Britt Scott

Addie Stoich: “I think of my body as an amazing Ferrari”

Addie Stoich: "I think of my body as an amazing Ferrari"

My friend Tabitha told me of an old friend she knew could help me, but ONLY if I was dedicated, committed and willing to work hard. She gave me LP’s number and the next day I went in to find out what this Team LP Fitness Playground was all about.

Thanks to LP, my weight went from 170 down to 125! There is not enough appreciation or thanks in this world for LP. He changed my life and I don’t know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for him!!

Addie Stoich

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  • Our Facility  Best place to workout overall, period!  Great staff, great equipment, super clean, and more importantly a great community.  LP has created an atmosphere where you know you can get what you need to improve yourself physically and be a part of people who support you on that journey.  Go in not sure you are up to it, would rather go home and hit the couch, but leave feeling energized knowing it was the right choice.

    thumb Jason L.

    Our Facility  You know those gym memberships you buy, then you get bored and you stop going? You will never get bored here. No two workouts are the same. I have followed LP since the early 90's and there is NO BETTER Fitness coach in town. You walk in feeling like $100, and leave feeling like a million bucks! (That's his famous line) but it's true! It is a judgement free zone, and it's safe. If you are worried, and you are a woman, there are classes for women only!
    It's motivating working out with others who help inspire one another.

    thumb Jill P.

    Our Facility  By Far the best gym I have ever been to. Coach LP and the coaching staff are the best. The way I feel when I am there and the way I feel when I leave are beyond anything I can fully explain. A truly caring staff. Always get a great workout. The community of people are amazing! You can count on getting exactly what you want at the playground. I recommend checking out this place if you haven't. The energy and the vibe are something else. No judgements just love and passion for fitness and health. I have been going to the playground for over 2 years now and there is no looking back. If I'm feeling down I go to the playground and it all washes away. Melt the Fat and wash away the negative emotions. It is my fitness family. So much encouragement. The workouts always change and it's always a challenge. They will motivate you and change a workout based on your needs. You get what you put in. So come check it out. You will not be sorry.

    thumb Kiley B.

    Our Facility  Update to my review posted in Feb:
    10 months in and still standing
    I go to the "playground" 4 to 5 times a week.  Usually the 6am weekday class and Sat or Sun.
    Weekday classes taught by Coach LP or Coach Jacquie.  No two classes are the same, which helps to ensure you don't get bored.  You get out of the classes what you put into them  It's a very supportive environment, coaches and participants always give encouragement to each other.  I consider the 6am crew my workout "family" and that's the extra "push" I need to get my body out of bed at 5am
    My only regret is not starting earlier in life
    Give the Playground a shot!  
    Ps: shout out to Coach Waheed, Coach Tyler and the "flying squirrel" -- the Young Bulls --

    thumb Kyle B.
  • Our Facility  I don't even know where to start. This place is hands down my refuge to escape the craziness from my outside life. LP and his team are some of the most dedicated trainers I have ever encountered from start to finish. It is an environment full of positive encouragement and support to achieve all of your personal goals. Since starting at LP Fitness waking up at 5:30AM has become the best part of my day and I can finally do a push up!

    I am beyond thankful to Coach LP and Team!

    thumb Jenny M.

    Our Facility  LOVE LP Fitness! If your looking for an amazingly positive and kick butt place to get in shape, LP's is the place to go. Ive been training with LP for almost 2 years now and not only am I in the best shape of my life but I'm also the happiest and the most motivated I've ever been as well! The hardworking people here are like my second family, including LP the owner who has inspired me and opened my mind to the world of fitness and nutrition. Always a happy and encouraging environment! Each time I walk in, I am greeted and shown new exercises by not only the staff but by LP as well, never felt more welcome at any other gym before! Awesome 🙂

    thumb Jocee W.

    Our Facility  It's been about 3 months now and as promised, I'm writing an updated review.

    With the exception of a few weeks where I had various nasty colds/flu, I've been coming here pretty consistently over this time.

    I could tell you how I've gained muscle definition and already lost some weight, etc. and that is true but exercising well and consistently just about anywhere is going to give you that. What IS unique is that for the first time ever, I can truly say going to the gym has become a very important part of my life.

    Team LP Studio Fitness Playground offers so much encouragement, inspiration, and variation that on days that I don't get to the gym, I feel a void. My day is always better after getting a workout in at the playground- even if I only have 25 minutes to squeeze in.

    I've been a member of about 10 gyms from Pismo Beach to Healdsburg over the years and have worked with a handful of trainers and I have never been this motivated to lead a healthy, more active lifestyle.

    The "invisible" benefits have been significant already, too. My energy level has improved, I can keep up with my 3 year old better, I sleep better.

    All in all- it's only been a short while and Team LP Studio Fitness Playground has improved my quality of life. I'm so grateful.

    thumb Amy L.

    Our Facility  The only gym I've ever kept going to...

    You know how you get a membership with high hopes and eventually just pay to remind yourself you should go? That is NOT the case at Team LP Fitness. I've been a member for several years, and I'm still going!

    No matter what your fitness level, you are welcome here. The positive support you'll receive is like no other. The classes fuel you with energy to come back for more.

    Whether or not you do the classes, the whole place is set up so it's easy to do your own thing or the super staff will give you some ideas so you can get in and get it done.

    I'm the strongest I've ever been in my life, and I'm in my 40's.

    Go on... give it a try!

    thumb Amy M.
  • Our Facility  Oh my! Where do I begin!? This is the most amazing and life changing "gym" you'll ever go to. I walked into the fitness playground not knowing what to expect and left a completely different person. Not only does LP have the best, most creative workouts but he has created a support group that means even more! You are never alone in the fitness journey if you join at Team LP Fitness! I know this from personal experience, LP helped me lose 40+ pounds, but gain an awareness of who I am as a person and who I want to be! I gained such an insane passion for health and fitness and wanted to change peoples lives the way LP changed mine. He lit a fire in me I didn't know existed! I now consider myself a very confident, happy, beautiful, outgoing, smart, ATHLETE, words I never could use to describe myself before I I walked into the fitness playground, and for that I am forever thankful for LP and everything he does for his fitness family! I HIGHLY recommend team LP fitness!

    thumb Addie S.

    Our Facility  One of the most fun gyms I've ever belonged to.  Was sad when I moved and had to end my membership. You can tell that the owner has real passion for helping people meet their fitness goals.  Very positive and welcoming.

    The group classes are intense and you get an excellent workout in a quick hour.  Also learn how to use all the fun equipment they have.  If you're bored of very traditional gyms or looking to get back into shape I highly recommend Team LP.

    thumb Cerese J.

    Our Facility  It's been almost a year since I joined LP fitness playground, and I honestly couldn't picture my life without it. I don't think I would be where I am today if it wasn't for LP and his fitness playground. The constant encouragement from not only LP, but the members of LP is so positive and uplifting, I never want to leave! He has helped my attitude, believing in myself, and never giving up, no matter what the struggle is. It's not about the membership to him, it's about each individual. Every day is a different workout, a different challenge, it never gets old! If you are looking for a life changing place, come to the fitness playground, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! I am so happy I joined LP fitness, the best decision I've made!

    thumb Amanda C.

    Our Facility  Team LP Fitness Playground is different from any other workout facility in Sonoma County.
    It starts at the top!
    LP has a passion to help better people's daily lives & to build community.
    LP lives, breathes, dreams of ways to improve the quality of life for each of us!
    There is ALWAYS positive, motivating energy that is felt when you walk in, are greeted by your will soon have a smile on your face!
    LP & his staff are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable & are WILLING to do what it takes to help make the most of your time & experience.
    The place is ALWAYS spotless, the machines are top of the line & everything is always organized, clean & ready for use!
    The members of LP's Studio are friendly, kind & motivating individuals too.
    I feel we are not just clients to LP...
    We are his part of his growing family!
    But the funny thing...we ALL like & want to help each other! 🙂

    thumb Tina H.
  • Our Facility  I've been a member at Team LP Fitness going on 3 years now. That is the longest membership I have kept at any gym around the area and here's why...

    LP, who is the owner is one of the most positive, inspiring & motivational person I have ever met! Belonging to a gym that has an owner that is on site is a much different experience than say a place like 24hr fitness. He cares immensely about all of his members & staff. Always willing to help you with any machine, or new exercises that you would like to try. His gym offers machines that you won't see in any other gym and he's always getting new equipment arrivals and is quick to get any machine that may break, fixed! He also offers kick butt group fitness classes that are sure to get you feeling your best!

    Last, have you ever been to a gym where you would feel comfortable eating off the floor? Well, LP keeps his gym spotless!! The staff is always disinfecting the equipment. From wiping down medicine balls to vacuuming, the place is always clean! If you are looking to switch gyms, check this place out!

    thumb Jason F.

    Our Facility  I LOVE LP Studio Fitness Playground!! LP's Fitness Center is one of a kind and LP cares and takes care of his clients, always making you feel welcome and promises the most AWESOME class workouts I've ever experienced!  LP is a Master Motivator and Lifestyle Coach promoting health in mind, body & spirit.   If you are tired of the same old gym experience and ready for a real challenge, try LP's workouts! This place changes lives!!

    thumb Rhonda A.

    Our Facility  Love LP and his ACEO's.  My husband and I have been working out at the Playground for over 3 years and we are in the best shape of our lives (both of us turned 48 this year).  LP is the most amazing person - he is not in it for ratings - he is in it to make you the best you can be both physically and mentally.  Great equipment, crazy hard (fun) classes and fantastic people!  If you join you must want to make a change with your personal workout regime - exercise, eat clean and have a positive attitude!  Hard work outs make for great results - this is the place to do it!

    thumb Diana C.

    Our Facility  Team LP Fitness and LP have changed the lives of myself and my son. LP was kind enough to take on my 13 year old son who was so out of shape that he didn't make the basketball team in middle school. Not only did he change him physically so that he was able to start on the Varsity basketball team but he also took the time to mentor him but to also be a positive male role model for a boy who's father is not in his life much.  That's just LP himself but then you factor in the training center too and you have an amazing combination of an owner who truly lives what he preaches and offers a place for serious fitness minded folks to get the best workout in the most efficient way. Have you ever been into a fitness center where the owner and employees greet you by first name and the other members acknowledge you and support you in your journey? This is what you will find at Team LP Fitness. Thanks LP, you're the best!

    thumb Ana B.
  • Our Facility  At the age of 60, I looked at my family history of heart disease, my weight and my cholesterol level and realized "it's now or never." Stopped by the Fitness Playground and LP invited me to a class the next morning. Whooped my butt, that class did. But, 9 months later I entered the first athletic competition in my life and came in 2nd in my age group for Mud Man 2013.  Better yet, 18 months later my doc says I have only a 2% chance of having a heart incident in the next 10 YEARS.  Woot!

    I hate gyms, but the space Lawrence Phillips has created is unlike any gym I have ever experienced before.  It is ridiculously clean.  It is filled with interesting, cutting edge equipment that LP is always switching out and adding to.  It is also filled with an almost shocking level of comaraderie, smiles and support from everyone. Take a class and you will be warmly encouraged to do your best - whatever your best might be at that point in time.  

    There is no gratuitous grunting, pectoral posturing or bootie brandishing at The Playground -- just a lot of regular folk in all shapes and sizes having fun and working hard to be as healthy as they can be.

    Did I mention it was clean?

    thumb Nancie M.

    Our Facility  LP's is such a great place to workout!  So many positive things about this place - the set up of the gym, the location (don't have to compete for parking), the machines/equipment, the price, the atmosphere, the CLEANLINESS, the people, etc.  It is a place where "everyone knows your name" and you are treated as a friend immediately upon entering.  I have never taken the classes, but those I know who do love them.  LP is very supportive and motivating.  I never feel judged by anyone there or insecure when I'm working out, which sounds silly but is refreshing when compared to other gyms like 24 Fitness.  So happy to have found it!

    thumb Ashley R.

    Our Facility  Love, love love this gym!
    LP (aka Lawrence Phillips) is a master motivator and will get anyone moving.  This is NOT a big fitness mill and LP proudly offers plenty of individualized attention. His classes (highly recommended) offer variety and's never the same workout twice, so there is absolutely no reason to get bored.  His clientele are dedicated LP fans and are all positive, respectful and supportive, just like LP and staff.
    Do something really good for your head, body, for the people in your life or for the people you'd like to have in your life and check this place out.
    Prepare for positive changes!

    thumb Cindy P.

    Our Facility  Amazing! Never have I joined a gym and felt so welcome! This super fit group of people are like a second family, always smiling and encouraging me to do my very best!  LP's team is uplifting and more than kind!

    thumb Suzanne S.
  • Our Facility  LP is Awesome!!!!There is no one better! You should see my wife since she has started working out with him! Thanks LP!!! You rock!!

    thumb Bob J.


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