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The seed of fitness was planted in LP’s mind at the young, impressionable age of 5 years old by a man named Jack LaLanne. The Jack LaLanne Show was the only fitness show on television in the early 60′s and LP followed Jack’s routine daily in the front room of his family’s home. He was inspired not only by the fitness aspect of the program, but also by the positive message that Jack preached during each episode. At that time in LP’s life, Jack LaLanne became a very important, positive “male role model”.

LP continued to do the pushups, AB crunches, squats, jumping jacks and other exercises that he learned from watching the Jack LaLanne Show. At the age of 10 he had saved up enough money (by mowing neighbor’s lawns and selling lemonade on hot sunny days during the summer) to go to Sears and buy his first weight set. That was the beginning of what has now turned out to be a labor of love for LP. A love and passion to inspire and motivate people by coaching them to exercise and move their body, create healthy eating clean habits and help develop a positive attitude in their quest to being the very best that they can be.

Lawrence Phillips
CEO - Chief Energy Officer

Tyler Newman a young Fitness Professional who’s childhood revolved around sports, especially basketball. Whether it be suiting up in a Montgomery Basketball #15 jersey, or putting some headphones on and shooting hoops at the park until it’s too dark to shoot anymore. Sports are my passion, and even though my personal basketball career has ended, my competitiveness, and love for all the little things that make a great athlete, are still stronger than ever. Now that I am a NASM (National Academy Of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer, I have the desire to help change the lives of others.

I have personally experienced how quickly a persons life can change not only physically, but mentally AND emotionally through clean eating, and a weekly workout routine with the proper motivation and instruction. And I can not wait to share what I know with the world in hopes to help others find what they need to balance their mind and body, to overcome obstacles, to reach their goals, and to motivate them along their fitness journey.

My goal with every client is for them to say, with an enormous smile on their face, “Because of YOU, I didn’t give up.”

Tyler Newman

Jacqueline DeLuca, Is a native to Fort Bragg, Calif. where she discovered her love of fitness at a young age. Her passion for fitness blossomed at age 10 while doing Jonnie Greggins videos alongside her mother. After graduating high school, she moved to Santa Rosa, Calif. where she met and married her husband Doug and together had four kids. As her interest in the fitness industry grew, Jackie took up running. Since she began her running journey she has participated in several half marathons as well as multiple races and sprint triathlons.

In 2011, Jackie became a member at Team LP Fitness Playground and her life began to change. Six months after joining she participated in and won the first fitness Makeover Challenge held at the Fitness Playground and in response her passion boomed. Jackie became stronger, healthier and more fit each day and eventually motivated her family to start working out with her at the Fitness Playground! Together, they worked hard and motivated each other towards a healthier more fit lifestyle. Jackie has always dreamed of becoming a fitness coach so she could share her passion while inspiring others the way she has been inspired. In order to pursue this dream she has studied at NASAM to become a certified trainer. Now, with the guidance of her mentor Lawrence Phillips (LP), Jackie is fulfilling that dream each week at the Fitness Playground.

Jacqueline DeLuca
G.I Jackie

Originating from Southern California, he spent his day’s as a young athlete playing football. In 2009 his family picked up and moved to Santa Rosa where basketball became his passion. During the off-season, Waheed spent his time coaching young athletes. This is where he discovered his passion in helping others to realize their fitness goals. His love for an active lifestyle grew after High School and it is at this point Waheed decided to turn this passion into a career and seek out becoming a certified fitness professional.

In 2015, he landed a job at Team LP Fitness Playground working the front desk while being mentored by Coach LP. While working with Coach LP, Waheed became inspired with his “CANI” attitude and how a fit lifestyle can change the quality of someone’s life. Working out has always been a staple in his life and today he is devoted to sharing his knowledge on how to help create a more fit and healthy lifestyle for everyone he comes in contact with. Waheed is a firm believer that creating healthy habits by making daily exercise and eating clean nutrition a “must do” priority will help his clients to bring out the best version of themselves.

Waheed Kushkaki

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